Classc Nine English 2nd paper


Bipul Jaman Likhon(Honrs Phycies)
*Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text.
1.Our education remains (a) complete if we do not learn good manners. In our behaviour with others we must be (b) respect to others. We should never (c) behave with anybody because our (d) conduct may hurt others. We should not pick (e) necessary quarrel with others. The (f) important of good manners is (g) measurable. (h) Real a man of good manners is a gentleman.
2.Television has become the most common and widespread of (a) entertain of the present world. A wide range of programmes of varied interest is telecast on numerous channels. Almost every middle class and even (b) work class families have a television set today. Television programmes are not only (c) enjoy but also highly (d) educate. For example, television is used for distant (e) learn. Courses run by the Open University are shown on BTV. Several channels like the Discovery and the (f) Nation Geographic Channels telecast (g) high (h) inform programmes
3.Allah has created both man and woman (a) equal. He has not drawn any (b) distinct between them. An (c) literate mother can never produce a good citizen. In order to have good citizens female education is a must. Without the (d) lift of women the progress of the nation is (e) possible. Again without education women cannot be elevated. It is (f) deniable that a mother exercises a great influence in the formation of children’s character. Lives of the great men show that their (g) great was due to their mother’s influence. An educated husband can never have free exchange of ideas with ignorant wife. Life would be dull and (h) happy for them.
Prefix or suffix Solution:1 (a)incomplete; (b) respectful; (c) misbehave; (d) misconduct; (e) unnecessary; (f) importance;
(g) immeasurable; (h) Really.
2. (a) entertainment; (b) working; (c) enjoyable; (d) educative; (e) learning; (f) Natoinal; (g) highly; (h) informatve.
3. (a) equally; (b) distinction; (c) illiterate; (d) upliftment; (e) impossible; (f) undeniable; (g) greatness; (h) unhappy.