Dped English PK Suggestion


Dped English PK Suggestion 2020

Board Question:
1. *** Do you Think English is a global language? Argue for your opinion.
2. What is the global status of English for global communication ?
3. Explain the principles behind CLT in the primary curriculum.
4. * What do you mean by language acquisition and language learning? Describe the differences between language acquisition and language learning.
5. Explain the principles of CLT. As a teacher of English how can you apply those principles in your teaching?
6. What is Classroom management? What are the general techniques for managing a class? Write down some example of classroom language for classroom management.
7. What do you mean by input, practice and task? Discussed in detail.
8. *** How do games/supplementary activities help students to learn language?
9. *** Explain the benefits of using rhymes and songs in English class.
10. What is a lesson plan? Discuss the importance of a lesson plan.
11. What is mean by pre-teaching? Give an example.
12. Describe controlled, guided and free speaking with examples. Write down differences between controlled and free writing activities.
13. Identify two pros and cons each for silent reading and reading aloud.
14. Write down the five stages of teaching vocabulary. How can you teach the meaning of the following words- beautiful, hot, hair, housewife, without using bangle? Mention and describe the techniques.
15. Write one example of each guided and free writing activity.
16. *** What are the principles of teaching grammar in the primary classroom?
17. How does a teacher teach stress, intonation and Rhythm?
18. What do you mean by syllable, stress and intonation?
19. How can internet help for teachers for professional development?
20. Define several terms related to ICT.
21. Write a paragraph on BELTA.
22. What is the method of EFT teaching process in short time ( not more than 5 minutes). Which activity of the method can help improving your lesson plan for the best learning comes?
23. To make some question to help you prepare for the micro teaching.
24. *** How do you preparing a lesson focusing on four skills? Explain it.

Short Question:
1. What do you mean by foreign language and international language?
2. Write down two principles of CLT
3. What are the differences between ESL and EFL?
4. Write the name of some games that can be played for primary level.
5. Write about the leaning outcome in lesson plan for English for today class2.
6. What is micro-teaching? How can a teacher improve his or her plan by micro-teaching?
7. What are the basic skills of language?
8. What is mean by per-teaching? Give an example.
9. How listening practice may be helpful by using dialogue? Write a dialogue.
10. What are the purposes of using dialogue in the primary classroom.
11. What is brain storming?
12. How to teach sentences written from memory.
13. How to teach true or false sentences.
14. How do you correct and assess free writing?
15. How do you teach grammar to primary aged children?
16. Identify some challenges of teaching grammar in your school placement. Write down two possible solutions overcoming those.
17. What are the ways by which teachers can help students to improve their pronunciation?
18. Here are the four days of a week.. Underline the syllables that are commonly stressed Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
19. To make some question to help you prepare for the micro-teaching.