English Lesson Plan Format (10 Marks)


ইংরেজি বিষয়ে একটি লেসন প্লান তৈরি করতে বলবে, এতে ১০ মার্কস্ রয়েছে। নিচের ফরমেটি অনুসরণ করলে যে কোন লিসন প্লান তৈরি করতে পারবেন।

English Lesson Plan Format (10 Marks)

Lesson plan

Teachers information

Md ———

Identification no:–

Session: 2020-21

Class information

Class: —-

Subject: English

Unit:–          lesson:—

Today’s` activity: A/B/C

Learning outcome Ø Listening-3.1.1: understand question asked by teacher about the student

Ø Speaking-3.1.1: ask and answer the question

Ø Reading-1.4.1: reading words, phrases and sentence in the text

Ø Writing-8.1.1: make sentence using word

Classroom language Ø Good morning

Ø How are you

Ø Look at the picture

Ø Make pair/group

Ø Go to the board

Ø Take the chalk

Ø Good bye

step Activities
input Ø Create safety environment by exchanging greeting

Ø Showing real object/picture, I will ask student to think about picture/real object and say about it.

Ø Now I declare the lesson title and write it on the board.

Ø I will teach vocabulary

Ø Then I will read the text loudly

practice Ø Putting them into some groups and providing group work.(based on lesson/write the name of the task)

Ø Answer the question(written/oral)

Ø Io will help them in writing activities

task Answer the following question

Ø What have you learn from the lesson


Teaching aid Ø Textbook

Ø Picture/calendar

Ø Word card/chart/picture