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All Problem Paragraph

…. has become a common feature these days. Day by day it is getting out of control. It has added to the sufferings of people. It is a problem not only for individual persons but also for the whole society. Our normal course of life is being greatly hampered by it. In fact, it has become a threat to the security of people. All the time people face some unexpected problem. The indifference of the authority concerned is largely responsible for its unabated spread. It has become the cause of premature death of many people. It is high time we did something about it. Public awareness should be raised in this regard. Proper steps should be taken. Otherwise, we may fall in great danger and all the development or national progress can`t be successful.


Load shedding/ Traffic jam/ Hartal Day/ Terrorism/ Air-Water-Sound- Environment pollution/ Bribery/ Child labour/ Road-Street accidents/ Students politics/ Woman-Child torturing/ Conspiracy/ Acid throwing/ Extortion/ Flood/ Cheating/ Superstition/ Bad effect of smoking/ Campus violence/ Anarchy/ Smoking/ Drug addiction/ Dowry system/ Price hike/ Political crisis/ Corruption/ Cyclone/ Rumour/ Robbery/ Housing problem and also all kinds of problem related paragraph.