Book Review English for today Class five


Book Review English for today Class-5

Table of Contents

SL No Contents Page
01 Introduction  
02 Book Review, name of the book  
03 Writers, illustrator, first editor  
04 Revised Editor, Reprint, Total page  
05 Total, units, Design  
06 Inside of the book, Lesson analysis  
07 Unite (1-4), Unit (5-8) Unit ( 9-13)  
08 Unit ( 14—25)  
09 Vocabulary section, Personal Opinion  
10 Conclusion  


Book Review:

Name of the Book                            :  English for today (Class : 5)

Writer’s name                                   : Shaheen M. Kabir,

A.K.M Hamidur Rahman

Md. Zulfeqar Haider

Goutam Roy

Illustration Editor                              :  Hashem Khan

First Edition                                       :  October, 2012

Revised Editor                                   : June, 2015

Reprint                                               :  2019

Design                                                :  National Curriculum and Textbook Board,


Inside of the book:

In this book, first there is a speech form the chairman of national curriculum text book board. There are a total of 25 units on different content.  Whereas listening,  writing reading and speaking has been emphasized on these four things. And the lesson plan includes learning outcomes. At the end there is a part of the vocabulary.

Lesson Analysis:

Basically, English for today have determined lesson plan by focusing on four things that is – Reading, writing, listening, And Speaking.



The English for today textbooks have been developed to help students attain competencies in all four language skills in English through meaningful and enjoyable activities. Emphasis has been given to listening and speaking skills as the foundation on which to develop reading and writing skills.

Topics and themes have been selected in a way that would not only help students address the needs of real-life situations but would also inculcate human values in them as well as broaden their mental horizon. Grammar points and planned activities to develop student’s competence in all four language skills have been presented within contexts in a systematic and graded way.

To make the young learners interested, enthusiastic and dedicated, Bangladesh Awami League Government under the dynamic leadership of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken initiatives to change the textbooks into four colors, and make them interesting, sustainable and distributed free of cost since 2009. The textbook of all students of Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary,  Ibtedaie,  Dakhil, Dakhil Vocational and S.S.0 Vocational level are being distributed free of cost across the country which is a historical initiative of the present government.

Chapter wise discussion of the book


Lesson Summary:  If we look at the first unit, we will see a dialogue between sima and jessico in the lesson 1-3 or dialogue andy and tamal or saikat Islam and Nasreen or Biju in this dialogue. The matter of sound practice and introduction comes to the fare.

Unit (5-8): 

Lesson Summary:  These chapters have discussed about days in a calendar. Eat healthy be healthy. Write to me soon etc.

Unit (9-13): 

Lesson Summary:  These chapters have discussed about happy Birthday. May I come in?  Birds on stings, sport, city and country.  I meant to do my work. The liberation war museum. Life is beautiful. It was great Daryl. Completing forms stay safely cyclone ma etc.


Unit (9-13): 

Lesson Summary:  These units tell a variety and tortoise. Happy Birthday. My I come in?  Birds on strings, sport, city and country. I meant to do my work. Life is beautiful. It was a great day. Completing forms stay safe, cyclone aila. Why does the frog croak? etc.

Vocabulary Section: 

A vocabulary section is placed at the end of all units. Where about 400+ simple vocabularies given.

Personal Opinion:  I think the book has been informative. Lessons are properly planned for easy learning. Which will help children learn English easily. Specifically based on reading, listening and writing skills will help children for better English future.


Finally, in my opinion the book is well organized but in a research it needs to be asserted that 67% observed the look to be difficult to understand. 17% students said it was difficult to understand and 57% of them said needed improvements .

English Lesson Plan Format (10 Marks)