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All Bad Side Paragraph

There are many problem in our society.________ is one of them. At present it has become a common affair. it is very harmful for our personal and national life. Day by day this problem is going out of control. Of late, it has increased at an alarming rate. As man lives in the society, he should maintain some social rules. Otherwise there may be some bad effects in the society. it loses not only our lives but also our progress. Most of the people are falling victims to this deadly curse. The bad effect of _________ cannot be described in a word. if the present condition of ________ runs continuously, the whole environment will be collapsed and the nation will be destroyed. So no ________ will be ________ in future. The sufferings of the common people will be increased. The person related with _______ becomes unhappy and helpless. The government as well as the conscious people can play a vital role to get rid of this problem. Public opinion should be taken to solve this problem. Necessary steps should be taken as early as possible to check it by the related people and government. Besides, the conscious and educated people should launch a massive campaign against it.


[ 1.Hartal 2 .Arsenic Pollution 3 .Load Shedding 4 .Traffic Jam 5 .Drag Addiction 6 .Environment Pollution 7 .Road Accident 8 .Terrorism 9 .Anarchy 10 .Tension 11 .Frustration 12 .Anger 13 .Bad Temper 14 .Smoking 15 .illiteracy 16 .Solitude 17 .Flattery 18 .False Hood 19 .Rumor 20 .Egoism 21 .Child Labour 22 .Selfishness 23 .Dowry System 24 .Loneliness 25 .Superstition 26 .Copying in the Examination 27 .Over eating 28 .Violence 29 .Corruption 30 .Bribery 31 .Moral erosion 32 .Acid Attacks 33 .Acid throwing 34 .Hijacking 35 .Reckiess driving 36 .Price Spiral 37 .Air pollution 38 .Water Pollution 39 .Bound Pollution 40 .Black money 41 .Green house effect 42 .Global Warming…………………Etc ]